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 chapter 1
Alright, so right now, I feel like I was caught in a windstorm and then spit out by a fire breathing dragon, only to realize that I landed in a field of flowers (the soft type). Yes, I got busy, very busy but I'm hear and happy (and alive). :-) So that's that. Our homework is a WHOLE lot easier than at my old school, so that was a bit of a shocker... Oh! I forgot to mention! I have not a a DROP of drama this whole school year! (well, so far, at least) Yeah, it's like I'm drinking freshly squeezed orange juice. YUM.   

How awful is the news right now? Terrible. It's like the new Disney move: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very bad Day. Except for the Alexander part or the day part. Instead, we can put:
Earth and the Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad... months?
Ugh. Really, Can someone PLEASE just save a dog or something? Like, really, I think everyone on Earth is tired of hearing it. 
OK, I have an idea. What if we had a day that was National Good News Day? I'm not kidding! It would be awesome! Just good news all around! Imagine hearing:
Well, A little boy got a free ride on a donkey today!

An interview with a cancer survivor and how she is paying the doctors that saved her with painted murals on the office walls!
Really, this would work.

      Thanks for reading!!                 -Kylee  :-)
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